It is the second of three Sacraments of Initiation. This encounter with the Lord focuses on receiving the fullness of the Holy Spirit. In the Latin Church this Sacrament is often administered to teenagers. There is a stress on the personal decision for Christ and to live the Catholic Faith.

God strengthens us to witness His love in the world. A two year program in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation is required.

The witness for the candidate must be a confirmed member of the Catholic Church.

Frequently Asked Questions
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How old do you have to be?
Usually the person to receive Confirmation is Grade 10 or older.

Who can be the Sponsor?
The sponsor – or witness – must be a Confirmed member of the Catholic Church.

I am an adult do I have to take classes?
Adult members of the Church that wish to be confirmed must take part in the RCIA program.


The student must attend the preparation classes - usually a two year program.

The student or adult must be Baptized in the Roman Catholic Church.

An adult seeking to be confirmed must talk to the pastor and attend RCIA classes.